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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tweets Worth Blogging

Here are some of the favorite tweets I tweeted:

Christ died not to make us happy but to make us holy so that holiness becomes our greatest happiness.                 

The Church is frightening and frustrating but formative.

If the tree grows taller than the roots go deep, you might as well yell "timber."                 

Preacher try building a sermon on plot not points. Your people will love you for it and you will have a blast.                 

If human affirmation is the fuel that keeps us going in ministry we will eventually run out of gas. Get your kudos from God.                 

In a world full of egotistical self-promotion, people need to see selfless God-devotion.                 

Using words to change lives through preaching is sort of like taking a knife to a gunfight. But God can do a lot with a knife.

Thanking God for yesterday purifies the soul today and fuels hope for tomorrow.

Preach to inspire not merely to inform an American church that is well-informed but uninspired to embody what she knows.

Disciples are made through silence, solitude and slums not merely programs, projects and performance.

Do you ever feel as if the wave of your life is being carried by an ocean of grace almost too powerful to resist?                 

"Confession and forgiveness are the concrete forms in which sinful people love one another." Henri Nouwen                 

Christians grow most when they are thrown out on a limb and forced to rely on God as if their life depended on it.                 

When you say I do to Christ you get the Rachel you want (Christ) & the Leah you don't (Church). The only way to get Rachel is to love Leah.

Preachers- a sermon is compelling enough to preach if it's theologically substantive and contextually relevant. Anything else is just a talk                 

Lord, apply your powerful hammer and gracious chisel to the stubborn stone of my heart so that I become what you created me to be

Lord, break the dikes that dam the torrent of grace from flooding the soil of my soul.

"Best practices" for Christian ministry are rooted in biblical, theological and historical foundations not in methodological pragmatism.


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