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Monday, September 8, 2014

A Sobering Prayer for Faithfulness

Lord, when it comes down to it, I would rather lead a quiet and obscure life of faithfulness than be well-known as an effective preacher, teacher, and writer who lives with a secretly small soul. Lord, help me to be more enamored with faithfulness than success.
One of the reasons my wife married me is because she was confident that my faithfulness to you would motivate my faithfulness to her. God, if I fail to be faithful to you, I will fail her. Lord, keep me faithful to you so that I love her well.
My kids believe that I possess heroic love for you. They associate me with the cross of Christ. On almost every card or note they make for me, there is a picture of a cross. Whether I like it or not, if I fail to be faithful to you, they might doubt your faithfulness to them. Lord, help me to be the man they think I am.  
Lord, if I cannot remain faithful to you through the long-haul of life, some of the work I’ve done for you might be undone. The people I’ve brought to you and built up in you might slip a bit from you. Lord, help me to stay faithful to you so that my work for you might be lasting.

Faithlessness only leads me further from the kind of man you call me to be and the life you call me to live. Lord, make and keep me faithful. Amen