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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Reviews of Preaching with Empathy

Mark 10:21 says, "Jesus looked at him and loved him..." Maybe one of the most missed aspects of preaching today is loving the people to whom we preach and loving the community in which we live. To love them requires that we look at them. Preaching with Empathy challenges every preacher to soften our callous caused by years of hurt and, as Jesus did, love. Love those whom Jesus loves by getting close enough to really see them. Dr. Luchetti's book will help preachers preach with empathy if they are willing to get close enough to love again. Aaron

This book is profound and practical. It is a much needed emphasis in our individualistic, self-absorbed culture. Fillled wtih helpful examples and practical advice, Preaching with Empathy is both a book about preaching as a spiritual discipline and preaching as a craft, but one in which empathy is an integral component, not an afterthought. A needed to addition the preacher's bookshelf. Great for small group coaching and for use in preaching preaching classes.  Alyce

I love this book, and highly recommend it for ALL who care about the art of preaching or who simply wish to learn more about empathy (a topic not often written about in such an accessible manner!) and how to communicate more effectively in any context. Brannon

In an era when partisanship and even tribalism are prevalent, being empathetic is counter cultural. Learning to preaching empathetically is necessary when listeners seem more attuned to ideas that have the possibility of taken as partisan rhetoric. Readers of Preaching with Empathy can learn to develop a relational bond with their audience whether it is across ideology or even ethnicity. In order to truly gain a hearing for the gospel in such contentious times requires the ability to position ourselves in other’s perspectives. Luchetti is right to build on Bonhoeffer’s quote, “We should listen with the ears of God that we may speak the Word of God.”  Scott

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