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Friday, November 6, 2015

Take Your Congregation Deeper at Lent

I was a pastor in the local church for 15 years before I joined the faculty of Wesley Seminary in 2010 to invest in pastors. Every year during Advent, leading up to Christmas, and Lent, leading up to Easter, I went on a prayerful quest for creativity. How can I tell the old, familiar story in new and fresh ways? I typically preached evangelistically during Advent and for deeper discipleship during Lent. Since you probably already have your Advent sermon series and small group curriculum sketched out in detail, here's a Lenten resource.

I wrote the book True Depth: Moving Beyond Cultural Churchianity to help Christians swim out of the safe shallow waters and into the deep adventurous waters with Christ. Most churchgoers want a more faithful, fruitful and fulfilling relationship with Christ than the one they are currently experiencing. I wrote True Depth for them.

True Depth is practical, theological, and accessible. Even my 12 year old son, Zach, enjoyed the book. He said "Dad, this was cool. It wasn't bad." I think, hope really, this was his way of saying the book was awesome:-) I've had mature Christians read the book and they noted how God exposed for them a blind spot in their spiritual growth. True Depth is for new believers, seasoned saints, and everyone in between who wants deep-end discipleship.

True Depth is affordable and it comes with free sermon notes and small group leader's guide. You can access these resources and purchase the book at

I wrote the book to inspire disciples to go deeper in our journey with Christ than we've ever gone before. I pray God will use True Depth toward this purpose.