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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Practice What You Preach

Here is an article I wrote recently for my preaching peeps published by Leadership Journal.

Monday, June 2, 2014

7 Day Chiropractic Journey: Word Up

Words have the power to shape the reality and change the trajectory of a person's life. Words can replace the slouch and hunch of the back of the human race and cause humanity to walk with their head held high. So, I'm proposing a new spiritual discipline called chiro-practice. If you are willing to take the 7 day chiropractic journey with me here’s what it looks like:

-Read: Begin every day by reading through the red letters of Christ in John's Gospel, the gospel that begins “In the beginning was the Word.” Let the words of Christ wash over you, changing your trajectory, shaping your reality for 5-10 minutes;

-Reflect: Then, spend 5-10 minutes inviting God to give you words for others. He might give you a word of commendation for your kid, a word of correction for a friend, a word of comfort for a coworker., or a word of confirmation for a neighbor. Close your prayer time committing to say the words God gives you to say.

-Release: Then, let the games begin. Follow the nudge! Through conversations, emails, cards, and phones calls let the words of God flow through you. Those words can be as simple as telling a coworker you don’t like that her hair looks great. It can be as substantial as telling someone you hurt “I am sorry” or someone who hurt you “I forgive you.” Don’t be a word-withholder!

-Record: At the close of the day, prayerfully journal a response to the following: What words did the Lord nudge me to say today and did I release or withhold the words God gave me to say?  What happened as a result?