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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diversity: Sociological, Political, or Theological

As I think about the jouney of the church I'm privileged to lead, I rejoice in how diverse we've become. We have many different ethnic and socio-economic groups represented in our church. We have, by God's grace, become a church for all people, although those who don't want us to be a church for all people tend not to stay with us for too long. In any given pew, you may find a white homeless person sitting next to a young black professional couple on one side and a single hispanic college student on the other side. This is a delight to me!

We talk about diversity a lot, but not with political or sociological jargon. Instead, we frame the diversity issue theologically, since that's what concerns us most. Before I show my theological cards, let me see yours. What would you say to someone who asks, What theological rationale do you have to support your preference for an ethnically, generationally, and socio-economically diverse church?

I can't wait to see your thoughts on this!