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Monday, August 3, 2015

Endorsements for True Depth: Moving Beyond Cultural Churchianity

This book offers a wonderfully practical look at how people move from a relationship in which God is unknown, to one in which He is fully known. Through life experiences, ministry testimonies, and biblical engagement, Dr. Luchetti encourages you to go deep spiritually along with those around you. Dr. Luchetti provides a framework for discipleship that is memorable and transferrable—a helpful guide for pastors and ministry leaders.

Colleen Derr, associate professor, Congregational Spiritual Formation and Christian Ministries, Wesley Seminary


True Depth is a vital book for this day. This book has depth but is understandable, and moves beyond western “churchanity” to biblical Christianity. I believe the use of this book will be a catalyst in any congregation to new depths and transformation of churches and communities though out the nation.

Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

This book will both encourage your heart and challenge your thinking. It inspires and instructs toward three huge ideas: God is the primary maker of deep disciples; the church, though flawed, is the beautiful environment God designed to support disciple-making; and Christians can live a more vibrant and deeper life in Christ! True Depth is theological and practical, filled with honest stories that will grab your heart. If you’d like to see discipleship become more spiritually organic and less culturally organized, this book is for you.

Dan Reiland, executive pastor, 12Stone Church


This book powerfully unfolds how God develops deep disciples in Christian community.

Wayne Schmidt, vice president, Wesley Seminary


With clear, even homey language, Lenny Luchetti unpacks what’s involved in growing into maturity in the faith. As with most things of substance, there’s more going on than initially meets the eye. True Depth helps us see what we’d otherwise miss.

Marshall Shelley, editor, Leadership Journal


Revelation. Restoration. Transformation. Sanctification. Mission. With these five words, Lenny Luchetti gives us, not only a biblical vision, but a theological mission with a practical outline. True Depth is a tour de force into the Wesleyan way of “Practical Divinity.”

—J. D. Walt, Seedbed’s sower-in-chief


This book is filled with the same forward-thinking spirit that defines its author. Lenny Luchetti’s challenge is classically timeless, but everything about the way he writes and thinks feels fresh. For those who are jaded by the church, or have become cynical about the lack of true disciples in our time, True Depth presents a hopeful way forward.

Darren Whitehead, pastor and author of Rumors of God


This is not another trendy book on discipleship but a genuine, clear approach with practical exercises that will help church attendees dive deeply into Christ-like living. First it will change you and then it will change your church.

Bob Whitesel, award-winning author of twelve books, including The Healthy Church and Cure for the Common Church

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