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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Unchained Challenge: Luke 20

Scripture: Luke 20:23 [Jesus] saw through their duplicity.

Observation: Luke tells us here that Jesus was fully aware of the tendency of the “teachers of the law” to be duplicitous. In the context of this verse these teachers are trying to appear sincere in their question to Jesus about taxes, but their ulterior motive is to trap Jesus not learn from him. Later in the chapter (vv.46-47), Jesus describes the duplicity of the teachers of the law in more detail. They may appear to be spiritual but they are motivated by pride and greed. They are two-faced, double-lifers who seem more focused on impressing people than glorifying God and helping people.

Application: On my worst days I can be pretty duplicitous. Although I may begin the day or the ministry task with a desire to glorify God, if I am not careful, I can quickly shift toward trying to impress people with who I am. Of course, they are never as impressed with me as they are with GodJ I may start out with pure motives to help someone but if I am not careful, my pure motives can turn into the kind of self-absorption that causes me to consider “what’s in it for me”? Academic achievement and ministerial success can become trophies on our fireplace mantle instead of markers of God’s unfathomable grace. Today, I will aim to be one-willed in my motives to glorify God and love people.

Prayer: Lord, make my life a standing stand of your grace that points to you. Amen

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