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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unchained Challenge: Luke 19

Scripture: Luke 19:44b Jesus says, “…you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.”

Observation: Jesus says this just after the people praise him upon his entry into Jerusalem. “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord” (v.38), they say. As I read this chapter it initially seems that the people did recognize “the time of God’s coming” to them in Christ. But upon further exploration it appears the people were expecting Jesus to align with their desires for a political, Roman-annihilating Messiah. Jesus, however, did not fit their messianic mold. And, because of this, these same people just a few days later shouted not praises to Jesus but “crucify him!” The people did not recognize “the time of God’s coming” to them because Jesus did not fit their messianic profile.

Application: While I am tempted to criticize the Jerusalem Jews of Jesus’ day, I am fully aware of my propensity to miss the “time of God’s coming” to me. I find myself waiting for God to show up over here, but he shows up over there. I am waiting for God to show his power this way, but he shows it that way. I am waiting for a powerful, warrior-like Messiah to beat the tar out of the “Romans” in my life, but instead I get a humble, peasant Jew who forgives his enemies and mine. During the season of Advent, a word that means “coming,” I am trying to abandon my preconceived and preferential messianic profile so that I don’t miss Christ when he comes to me in his way and in his time.

Prayer: Lord, I will wait and watch for you to show up in any place and in any way that you decide. Please give me an ability to discern your coming so that it don’t miss the joyful surprise of it. Amen.

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