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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preaching What Ifs...

-What if sermon preparation was more like a spiritual discipline than a rhetorical task?

-What if the preaching event began to feel more like an experiential encounter with God than an informative lecture?

-What if the sermon could be, like Christ, "full of grace and truth" (Jn.1:14)?

-What if preachers became more concerned with being captured by the text than mastering the text?

-What if the sermon preparation process was as holy as the sermon content?

-What if preachers spent as much time exegeting the congregational context as we spend exegeting the biblical text?

-What if preachers learned to vary their sermonic forms to align with the sermon goal and listener needs instead of forcing every single sermon into a point by point propositional box?

-What if preachers learned to communicate as one among and not one above the people?

-What if God through the biblical text really had the lead in the homiletic dance with the preacher?

-What if preachers became less concerned with what people think of us and more concerned with what people think of God?

-What if preaching was driven more by compassion and less by ego?

-What if preachers stopped imitating the delivery style of others and invited the Word of God to be incarnated through our unique, God-designed "voice"?

-What if preaching was less about instructing Christians and more about liberating captives?

-What if preaching began to transform people who transform their community?

-What if preaching the word was joined again with feasting at the table of Communion in the context of worship?

-What if preachers were as theologically reflective as we are rhetorically consumed?

-What if preachers developed a deep reliance upon the Holy Spirit like we had when we preached our first sermon?

-What if the words of preachers painted inescapable, unforgettable, and compelling pictures of God's kingdom in the hearts of people?

-What if preaching was so brutally honest about the bad news that people craved the good news?   

-What preaching "what if" would you add??? 

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Anonymous said...

Love it: "What if preachers spent as much time exegeting the congregational context as we spend exegeting the biblical text?"