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Sunday, October 30, 2011

It May Be Time for a Pastor to Resign If...

...the treasurer is related to the head trustee who is related to the custodian who is related to the board vice-chairperson who is related to the assistant pastor.
...the pianist and organist debate the right key for "Old Time Religion" during the worship service.
...the board members leave the sanctuary when you stand up to preach your sermon.
...weekly offerings triple when you're on vacation.
...your administrative assistant vetoes your bulletin announcements.
...only one member showed up for the "all-church" outreach event but everyone came to the potluck hymn sing.
...even the newborn babies in the church don't seem cute to you anymore.
...several fist fights broke out during the Communion service and the lay care leader sucker punched the pastor at the prayer meeting.
...your house gets egged and TPed (toilet papers) weekly during Pastor Appreciation Month.
...and only if God releases and calls you to another place of ministry.

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