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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

21 Days of Love: John 16

Throughout John 16 Jesus is comforting his disciples by sharing with them his access to both the Holy Spirit and the Father. Jesus is clearly chomping at the bits to share the two most significant relationships and resources he knows with his followers/friends. The eagerly extravagant generosity of Jesus has become both a gift of grace to me and an example wanting to work its way through me.

Lord, cultivate in me the generosity of the Christ who was willing to share the Father, the Spirit, and himself with me and for me. I'm convinced Jesus also intends these same gifts to flow not just to us but through us to others. Help me to share my relationship with You, the Triune God, in a compelling and authentic way with those around me. There are other resources you have given me to share (time, money, influence); help me to share those too because of my loving obedience to you.

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