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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

21 Days of Love: John 6 revisited...

Hello friends. I did not provide a post for John 6 because I was traveling and didn't have access to internet. Steven Gidley, a junior Sports Management mjor at Indiana Welseyan University, called me on it. So, I asked him to provide the post for John 6. He graciously agreed! Thanks Steven! Here are his thoughts on John 6...I will post my reflections on John 16 tomorrow. Blessings!


Post by Steven Gidley:
In John 6 Jesus talks about being the bread of life, but I appreciate most when he talks about the Spirit giving life in John 6:63 and how our flesh counts for nothing. It is so true how we try to do things on are own and never depend on Christ and the blood he shed for are sins. We are tempted to spend our days in the world playing our own religious games instead of allowing Christ to coach us and the Spirit that gives life to consume us. It is so easy to get in a ditch and try to dig ourselves out by our own power instead of leaning on the power of Christ. Today, play the game of life for Christ our coach and allow him full ownership. I am challenged along with you to live in the Spirit, focusing on God rather than earthly things, and giving God all the decisions we must make each day. Have a good day and walk in the Lord today.

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