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Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15: Acts 13

The following devotional reflections are from Patrick Eby, SWC board member.

Here is what God is saying to me through this chapter:
Today’s chapter begins the story of Paul’s missionary adventure which will be the focus of the rest of the book. First, we learn of the support Paul and Barnabas received from the Church at Antioch, a church which sought the direction of the Lord through prayer and fasting. This chapter also outlines Paul’s normal method of sharing in the cities. He would first go to the Jewish synagogue, and then take the message to the rest of the city. Many times and in many different ways he will be rejected and face opposition. The main point of the chapter seems to be his sharing the story of God’s actions. His story is very similar to Peter’s (Chap. 2) and Steven’s (Chap 7). Beginning with the Old Testament he recounted the work of God, and then he shared the message of Jesus. The chapter ends reminding us that the plan of God was always to bring light to the whole world.

Here is what I will do today because of what God is saying to me:
Today I will reflect on my part in making the gospel known to the whole world. What is my part? How will I be a light to those around me? Will I pray and fast for God to send someone like the people at Antioch? Will I help and encourage others to share their story? Will I go to a mission field either near or far and share the good news of the Gospel?

Lord, today I ask that you would make me sensitive to the role you have for me. Help me to be a light in a world so filled with darkness. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Patrick for refocusing the main purpose of missions to be sharing the gospel, the story of salvation through Jesus Christ. Although humanitarian aid, construction projects and support services have become an important part of short term mission trips, as they should be, we must be careful not to loose the central focus of missions, communicating the word of God.

I will join you in prayer, reflecting on my part in making the gospel known right here in Stroudsburg and to the whole world.