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Monday, August 11, 2008

Yesterday I preached a message called Viewer Discretion Advised which highlighted the problem, response and solution to the monster of internet pornography. The goal of the message was to authentically offer grace, hope and help to those stuck like a fly to the fly-strip of this struggle. I closed the service with a quote from James 5:11b which says “God is full of compassion and mercy.” We concluded the service with a Question and Answer time regarding the issue of internet porn.

Here is what I want us to discuss: Beyond the resources I shared yesterday to help those who struggle (God, confession, accountability and removal of temptation), what other resources are available to assist those who struggle with internet porn? Also, what do you believe is at the root of this? Is it lust only, or are pride, discontent, depression, control, etc., factors in the development of this addiction?

Looking forward to your thoughts,



Anonymous said...

The first problem is not acknowledging that a problem exists. Thank you for your leadership and boldness to preach a sermon on this issue!

The world’s standards have made pornography acceptable. Many people do not even believe it’s a problem, including many Christians. Couples watch it together rationalizing it’s only a form of entertainment or stimulation. Curiosity, loneliness and desire for beauty coupled with instant availability all have made it a huge problem. Other addicts can remove their drug of choice from their bodies, but porn stays in the brain forever.

Sooner or later images won’t be enough. Porn will lead to going to Gentlemen’s Clubs, prostitutes, the destruction of marriages, depression, low self-esteem and too many other things.

The recourses you mentioned are right on target. Attending the Celebrate Recovery program is an excellent opportunity to fight this addiction.

Lenny Luchetti said...

Thanks Brad. You pinpoint a variety of causes that may lead to pornography. You also are right in pointing out that pornopgrahy leads to other things just like smoking pot often leads to using harder drugs.

prosteve said...


Thanks for your leadership and the guts to preach on this issue! I know that in any addiction only those who have found a way out can help those in the throw of the addiction. As with A.A, C.A., N.A and other programs one must first admit they have a problem, and then that only a power greater then ourselves could restore us to sanity. I believe that the program sex addiction has and does help many.

Amie V said...

I know for some of my friends, it's just easy and convenient. And because sex is so prevalent, not just outside of marriage but even outside of relationship at all, quite often, then when there is no one to 'hook up' with, porn is the quick and easy answer to what they are now used to getting and expecting.

I'm the oddball in this group of friends. They think I'm the freak, still single and a virgin in my 30s... I find that funny, actually, that they think so. =)

Lenny Luchetti said...

Hello Steve and Aimie. Steve, those who have been through addiction seem to be the most fruitful in helping others overcome their struggles. God tends to use the areas of our greatest struggle and woundedness to help others who have struggled as we have.

Aimie, great to hear from you. I commend you for still being a virgin in your 30s and for seeking to give yourself as a pure gift to God. Surely, you are an example to others who struggle with sexual promiscuity.

Grace and peace,


Anonymous said...

You preach it brother. We are so proud of you .
Tom and Anna Bajus
Please let us know how your dad and mom are .