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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Check Out the Luchetti Elves

The Advent Season is upon us. As Christians we don't just celebrate a day called Christmas but a Season called Advent. During Advent we wait and watch for the coming of Christ the King. We remember that Christ came to us 2000 years ago in cryptic fashion, as a baby born in a lowly manger to lowly parents from a lowly village. But when He returns He will come in unmistakable power. The question is, will He find us waiting and watching for Him when He returns? Or, will He find us caught up in the self-absorption that our culture, especially during the Advent season, promotes. It's ironic to me that during a season like Advent when the focus should be on Christ, the real reason for the season, we get consumed by everything but His love and power. Instead of waiting for Him to come into our lives in a fuller, more meaningful way, we focus on things that tend to rob us from the hope, joy, love and peace that come with Christ the King. This Christmas don't miss out on the greatest gift of all, a gift that God especially designed for the likes of you and me.

On a less than serious note...if you want a laugh click on the link below to see me and the kids in a way you have never seen us before. I made an elf of myself! Since there is only room for four of us to be elves, Amy gladly opted out! Check it out by clicking the link below.

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