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Friday, July 6, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed...In Kentucky!

Hello Friends and Family:

We have, by God's grace, safely arrived in Wilmore, KY. The other pastoral families in the Beeson Pastor Program have arrived safely as well. It has been a great joy to begin the journey with these families, knowing it will likely be a rigorous year of study and travel. Amy and I are praying that as a result of this year our heart capacity for God would increase, our heart capacity for people would increase and our skills for ministry would increase. We believe these are prayers that God is determined to answer. Please enjoy the pictures below and note that the caption is under each picture.

Here is our 2 1/2 year old, half naked princess, Lia in front of her new townhouse home.

The entire Luchetti tribe posing in front of our residence.

Here I am heading off to my first day of orientation with the Beeson Pastors...this, by the way, is just before I was to be overwhelmed by the amount of work that will be entailed this year and just before I received another 40 or so books to read for my course work.

Samuel at 11 months old enjoying our new home.

4 year old Zachary showing off his new kitchen counter stool...his "big boy" seat!

The Luchetti 5 (sounds like a boy band) hanging all over a life sized statue of John Wesley... I believe he was only 5'2" which makes me feel like I'm standing next to one of my short Italian uncles.

Here is our entire Beeson Pastor Class: (top left to right) Robert (New Mexico), Dave (Buffalo, NY), Paul (Idaho), Richard (New Zealand), Mitch (Kansas), Me (Northeastern PA); (bottom left to right) David (Cleveland, Ohio), Ian (Scotland...but no relation to Braveheart Sir William Wallace- though just as cool and thankfully not as violent), Spencer (Atlanta, GA), and Dave (New Jersey).

This pic includes our Dean Randy Jessen (top far right) who has been a phenomenal pastor to us pastors. He and his wife, Sue, recently had all of our families (which includes about 25 kids!) to their home for a Fourth of July cookout. Either they are really hospitable or a bit crazy. I think most of us will agree the former characterizes who they are.


Anonymous said...

Thankful to God that you have arrived safe and sound.

Praying God's best for all of you, a smooth adjustment and the heart of Jesus in all that you do.

Peace ~ Tammie

Anonymous said...

So glad you arrived safely. It appears that you're fast becoming acclimated to both your new surroundings and your fellow pastors. God has major plans for you and your immediate, as well as your church family, who continuously give you the support you need to continue your spiritual growth.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is exciting that you are in the Beeson Program. My Pastor, Dr. Mark Lindstrom was a Beeson Program Pastor a few years ago and walked in May, 2006.

I enjoyed the pics of your wonderful family. You and Amy both still look good after 3 children; obviously parenting agrees with both of you.

Keep us posted on your Beeson Program progress. You are in our prayers!

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