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Monday, July 16, 2007

Beeson Families Growing Together

The Beeson Pastor families have been spending lots of time together. This is not a hardship since we genuinely enjoy each other's company. Most of the pictures below show last Friday's cookout, which we're calling Grill-Apalooza. This tradition was started by last year's Beeson Pastor Class and we're contuining it...with the addition of a little testosterone driven bocci ball!

Last Saturday we Beeson Pastors went to the Asbury College Challenge Course to conquer our fears and learn to work together as a team to solve problems. We enjoyed (and I use the term loosely) leaping from a tree stand at about 30 feet above ground and zip-lining 300 feet toward an immovable tree. Call us crazy, but we had a great time.

Today we begin the Spirituality of Leadership Class with Dr. Jessen. Please pray that God would cultivate in each of us something deeper than a mere understanding of leadership theory and technique. Pray that God would inspire and challenge us to lead as Jesus did, out of a deep, intimate relationship with Father God. Enjoy the pics.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Lenny,
Great blog you have going here! Glad to hear you are all settling in. Personally, I think you have gone completely nuts, as you and your fellow pastors did the tree thing. I am quite sure Brad would do something like that though, given the chance. Certainly, it must be the testosterone! Does Amy know where your life insurance policy is?? (LOL)
Seriously, you are all in our thoughts and we pray that God will lead and keep all of you as you continue in your spiritual journey.
Please continue to pray for us, the rest of the Going Team crew, and the people of Brazil by the prayer requests we gave you in our sponsor letters and as in Branches as we prepare to head out to Manaus, Brazil on August 9.
We miss the Luchetti five, and we look forward to seeing you in September.
We look forward to checking into your blog as it offers a lot of inspiration (and intrigue, mixed with hilarious comedy).
Love, Anita and Brad