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Monday, December 31, 2012

Movement 5: A Sermon Preparation Process

Movement 5:  The Main Event

A.        Prayerful Practice: Prayerfully meditate on and practice the sermon in your study or home, not for eloquence but to spiritually reflect upon the message to be shared. Speak it aloud 2-3 times, as if you were preaching it to yourself (since the sermon must impact you before it impacts anyone else). Try to memorize the flow of the message so that you can internalize and embody the message during delivery.

B.        Personal Prayer: Pray at the sanctuary altar for personal purity, love, humility, and the ability to incarnate and communicate the sermon through your own life.

C.        Intercessory Prayer: Do a prayer walk around the sanctuary, praying for the peoples’ receptivity to God’s Word and spiritual formation through it.

D.        Develop Prayer Teams: Maybe you can delegate the recruiting of these prayer teams to someone in your church who is passionate about prayer and its importance. The following teams of people should be recruited and empowered to pray:
·         Pre-Sermon Prayer Team: to pray with the preacher before the sermon
·         Sermon Event Prayer Team: to pray during the sermon
·         Post-Sermon Prayer Team: to be available for prayer with people after the sermon (if no one needs prayer, this team can pray for the impact of God’s Word)

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