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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Topics for Preaching Workshops

One of my life-plan goals for 2012 is to increase my investment in those who are investing in the local church. To that end, I am offering the following workshops to support pastors in their quest to preach the Gospel of Christ with theological substance and contextual relevance:

-Preaching as a Spiritual Discipline
-Developing a Preacher Growth Plan
-A Process for Birthing Sermons Today
-10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Preaching
-Narrative Preaching in a Story-Shaped World
-Creativity and Imagination in Preaching
-The Trajectory of Preaching in the 21st Century American Church Context
-The Character of a Preacher
-Re-Marrying of Preaching and Theology
-Biblical Exegesis for the Sermon
-8 Practices to Improve Your Sermons
-The Beautiful Variety of Sermon Forms: One Size Does Not Fit All
-Delivering the Sermonic Baby
-Sermon Feedback and Evaluation
-Relevant Preaching: Knowing Your People, Place, and Personality

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