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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some good preaching tips from my friend Arlen.

Arlen has been a worship leader for so long that he remembers Kumbayah being controversial. Arlen and his wife (Elsa) are the founders of Break Forth Ministries. Together with an exceptional team, they host Break Forth Canada with an attendance of around 15,000 people. Arlen has sold a lot of albums, co-authored a couple books, served as the worship columnist for 'Strategies For Today's Leader, earned a Doctorate in leadership, had a few radio hits, helped to put on 7,000 events, mentored hundreds of musicians, trained over 5,000 worship team members in worship workshops and received many 'secular' and 'christian' awards. Arlen and Elsa are blessed to work with a great team at Break Forth Finland each year (the reindeer tastes wonderful). But, at the end of all these so called "accomplishments" Arlen states that his greatest ones are being married to a wonderful woman who loves him in spite of his weaknesses and seeing three children who love the Lord and serve Christ with gratitude. Arlen states that without Christ's intervention in his life he would be both physically and spiritually dead. It's all grace!

Click on the link below to acces some of Arlen's insightful thoughts on communication.

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