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Sunday, December 5, 2010

21 Days of Love: John 20

Why is it that no one seems to recognize Jesus right away after he rises from the dead? He is right in front of their face and they don't see him. The saem happens with Mary in John 20. She is weeping because someone has taken the body of Jesus and she has no idea where he is. She was already weepy and now even more so because the body of Jesus is gone. Some guy is standing behind her. The guy is Jesus but she doesn't even seem to notice. The man asks, "why are you crying?" Mary quickly answers this man she assumes is a gardener as if to say, "mind your business and don't interupt my cry unless you can help me find Jesus." Mary still doesn't recognize the man as Jesus even after he speaks. Finally, when Jesus says "Mary" she recognizes the man standing behind her as the one she came to see.

"I call my sheep by name and they recognize my voice" Jesus said back in John 10. There is something about the way Jesus calls us each by name; it's like he knows something about us nwe don't know about ourselves. We sense in his voice a better awareness of who we are than we have of who he is. I am praying for the grace to recognize when his voice is calling my name and to respond appropriately. Lord, give me the ears to hear you calling my name so that I do what you're calling me to do and go where you're calling me to go and become who you're calling me to be.

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