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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

21 Days of Love: John 9

Ironically, the blind man in John 9 sees Jesus better than the Pharisees who are supposed to see and understand spiritual reality. As the blind man speaks, especially toward the end of the chapter, he reveals his wisdom. He, a supposed sinner, sees the Messiah better than those spiritual gurus who were waiting for his coming. The blind man, and not the Pharisses, worships Jesus (v. 38).

Sometimes pastors (aka. "spiritual gurus") like me can be blind to the very realities we claim to see and know. That is, until a blind person comes a long and shows us the way. Sometimes God breaks through my blindness by speaking through people one wouldn't expect to possess much wisdom. Often, God speaks through my children. Other times, he breaks my blindness through something that unbelievers (aka "sinners") say or do. In short, sometimes we spiritual leaders can become blind and need a blind person (aka "children" or "sinners")to rebuke us and show us the way.

Today, I will watch for what God may speak to me and who God may speak through to break my blindness. When He does, I will do my best to heed it because I love Him!

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