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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

21 Days of Love: John 2

Jesus goes ballistic in the Temple courts, chasing away those who were exchanging money and selling goods. The reasons for Jesus’ anger has more to do with injustice than buying/selling in the Temple. The people exchanging money were charging exorbitant exchange rates to people who had to use Jerusalem currency in order to buy an animal to be sacrificed at the Passover. To make matters worse, the people selling the animals to be sacrificed were marking up their prices dramatically. In short, the religious leaders (Sadducees) who ran the Temple were making it nearly impossible, financially speaking, for poor pilgrims to worship in the temple. Jesus’ anger is aimed toward those who are taking advantage of the poor.

Through this passage, I have learned that I can lovingly obey Christ today by challenging injustice, oppression, and greed. Today, I will seek to be a voice for those who experience the injustice of racism and exclusion, among other things. Today, I will drive out of the Temple (the church) anything that oppressively prevents all people from worshiping Christ freely. Lord, give me courageous love.

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