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Thursday, November 12, 2009

How can you generously give your treasure (finances) to God to be used for good in this world?


esallo said...

I think that generously giving my treasure to God to be used for good in this world involves a couple of things. First I need to manage the treasure He gives me wisely by not buying into this world's idea of always having to have more stuff. Second, I need to ask Him to open my eyes to the endless opportunities He puts in front of me each day to use this treasure for good. Third, I need to follow through and give out as willingly as I take in the treasure He's given me becasue it's really been His all along any way!

Lenny Luchetti said...

I think, as Erica points out, it is important to recognize that all we have comes from God and really does belong to Him- because we belong to him. Generosity for me means giving no less than 10% of my income to the mission of my local church. Generosity also means giving above and beyond that 10% to support projects like the Africa Project that is SWC is doing. Beyond that, generosity is hard to measure since God is always bringing opportunities for us to buy a meal, give a gift, pay a bill.

Brad said...

I agree that giving 10% to the church is extremely important for us and that it is just a starting point! If you fill your glass all the way to the top, and spill out 10%, your glass is still almost full.

I recently read: “When people tell me they can’t afford to tithe, I ask them, ‘If your income was reduced by 10 percent would you die?’ They say, ‘No.’ And I say, ‘Then you’ve admitted that you can afford to tithe. It’s just that you don’t want to.”

If you ever want to put things in perspective, go to If you make $15,000 a year, which is minimum wage, you are earning in the top 12% of the people in the world.

I will continue to give generously and cheerfully!

Roberta said...

I was raised to practice tithing 10% of my income. It was always in my life so the concept of it it not difficult for me. However, when there have been times that I thought that I could not afford to tithe, it never helped our finances. There were just more bills, more trips to the doctor, more things breaking, more financial needs and I experienced no benefit from using the 10% I owed God. So I went back to giving him my tithe. I have found that if I give it first before I pay the bills there is always enough for the rest. The promise that God will bless when I tithe is really true.

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