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Monday, September 7, 2009

John 15

I am challenged by v. 5. In this in passage Jesus describes himself as the vine and us as the branches. He then says that those who keep connected to him, the vine, will live fruitful lives and that without him we can do nothing fruitful. Many of us who seek to follow Christ want to live fruitful lives. But the only way for us to do this is not merely to rely on our gifts and strength, but upon the power of Christ. If our service is simply flowing out of our own power and not out of our connection to Christ the vine, nothing we do will matter because nothing we do without him will be all that fruitful. A life live disconnected from Christ won’t be real fruitful; a life lived in tandem with Christ will be fruitful.

It’s so easy for me, and I think us, to attempt to serve Christ without being all that connected to him. Today, I will focus on abiding in him so that fruit abounds. As a branch, as long as I’m connected to Christ I don’t even have to try to bear fruit, it will just come naturally. All I have to do is prioritize my intimacy with him. While reading Scripture, praying, and worshiping are all great ways to abide in Christ the vine, the best way to abide in him is to lovingly obey him even and especially when the temptation to disobey him arises. This will inevitably lead to fruitful living.

How do you abide in Christ?


Roberta said...

One of the things God has been teaching me is that when I rush in to "serve" him and don't ask him first what he wants me to do I am not abiding. Several years ago he very clearly told me that I was running ahead of him and not waiting for his leading. Since then I have tried to be more careful in seeking what he wants instead of what I think he wants. My idea could be a good one and still not be what God wants me to do.

Maria Cicala said...

Some days it seems like a challenge to abide in him, and other days its a true blessing knowing Iam doing what he is calling me to do. I'm just grateful he is always there even when the days I run ahead of him,and try do do things my way he reminds me that his grace is enough for me,and to be still.