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Saturday, August 29, 2009

John 6

First, thanks for sharing your reflections on your reading through John’s Gospel. I have been inspired by your depth of insight and thoughtful questions. Keep them coming. If you haven’t jumped in yet, please do so by posting on your own comments for each day’s reading.

This chapter is so full of rich and inspirational meaning. The consistent theme throughout John 6 of Jesus being the bread of life, manna from heaven, could very well be our focal point. It would take much discussion for us to list all the ways that Jesus is the bread of life who satisfies us deeply. But the verse that really hit me is 6:21.

The disciples were traveling across a like and a storm was brewing, causing the water to get rocky. They were frightened, especially when they saw Jesus walking on the water toward them (that might freak me out too). But in 6:21 is says, “then they were willing to take Jesus into the boat” and then the “boat reached the shore where they were heading.” We all go through stormy times, but the questions that hit me are: Am I quick enough to take Jesus into the boat of my storm and how can I take Jesus into the boat of my storm?

To be honest, there are times when a storm hits and I proceed to get through it in my own strength and in my own ways. Inevitably, this only compounds the storminess of the storm. But when I take Jesus in the boat, things change immediately. This doesn’t mean the storm goes away immediately, yet things change immediately. I invite Jesus into the boat when I run to him in prayer, refusing to alienate him in my storm because I think he alienated me. We invite Jesus into the boat of our storm when we maintain intimate connection with him through prayer, scripture, worship and service. This resolution to keep our eyes on the Christ who walks on water may not change the ferociousness of the storm, but it will change us immediately.

Thanks be to God!


Roberta said...

I became more closely interested in the various storm stories after Jason spoke of his own storm. I was struck by the fact that Jesus came to his disciples in their daily life struggles; fishing, storms, rowing against the waves. I was also struck with the fact that he walked on water more than once. Was he mentoring when he did that? Was he preparing them to ultimately walk on water? (allegorically speaking) The disciples were afraid. I frequently talk to people who are afraid of God; afraid to trust him with their lives; afraid of what he will do; afraid he will punish; afraid he doesn't really love them. I pray that every corner of my mind and heart will know how much he loves me and know his safety.

Maria said...

What stood out to me in this chapt was Jesus being the bread of life.
I struggle with eating healthy foods,when I should be taken in more of God's food The Bread of Life as my daily food. Reading The book of John each day helps me to do this, also reading what others post helps me to think even more about what
God is saying and How I can better apply what he says to my life each day.

Lenny Luchetti said...

Maria, you make a good comparison between eating healthy food and feasting on the bread of life. What we eat in terms of our physical and spiritual diet really does affect our health. Reading and applying God's word really does give us the nutrients we need to grow up healthy and strong.

Goodbye for now...I'm going to get something to eat...