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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sermon: Why We Need Each Other

In this message I was stressing how biblical Christianity's emphasis on community cuts against the grain of the rugged individualism our culture has brain-washed us into craving and cherishing. In this message I was attempting to highlight why we need each other. God made us not as independent but as interdependent beings. At various points during the message I confess my own tendency toward "do-it-yourselfism." I also try to highlight how having people with me at low points in my life has made a world of difference in how I came through those trials.

Check out the message by clicking on the link below and, as always, share your thoughts, questions, etc.:

1 comment:

Maria said...

Yep another message that hit home! We do so much need each other,I am so glad that God made us to be interdependent beings.That's why its so good being a part of a church family that understands this. Thanks again for your message on why we need each other. It reminds me of a oldie but goldie song which could relate to all of us Its called "I need You" by America from back in the 70's one part of the song says: "like the flowers need the rain you know I need you! We really do need each other! Praise God for that !!!!!