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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sermon: The Pinnacle of T. & O.

My text for this message, which was really a continuation of last week's message, was Genesis 22:1-18. This is the passage where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, the promised child Abraham had waited to receive for a long time. This is a troubling passage until we realize that God was never going to let Abraham go through with a child sacrifice. But why would God ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in the first place? What is God trying to do in Abraham's life that this kind of ultimate test might accomplish?

During the message I asked us to consider, "what Isaac do you need to put on the altar of God's love...what Isaac may be causing you worry or idolatry?" I shared about one of my personal "Isaacs" that I have had to place on God's altar through T. & O., trust and obedience. Check out the message by clicking on the following link and please share any insights or comments about the message or your personal "Isaac." Here's the link to listen to the message:

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