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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sermon: The Serenity of Submission

In this sermon, I was suggesting that all of us who have opened the womb of our life to Christ have been given a Mary-like mission of conception, pregnancy and delivery. That is, we have ben called to receive the seed of Christ into the womb of our lives (conception) and to allow Christ to grow in the womb of our lives (pregnancy) so that God can deliver Christ through the womb of our lives to the world (delivery). Please click on the following link to listen to the sermon and add then post your comments, insights and questions about the sermon to this blog:


Anonymous said...

As I reflect on your message and the seed of Christ that is within me, I realize that I have let that seed remain in seed form for much of my life. I did not allow it to grow to fruition, lying dormant and unrealized within me. Thankfully, seeds are very resilient. They can stay dormant and remain viable for a long time.

I have begun sowing the Christ seed in me when I joined SWC! I am preparing and caring for the seed and my soul and am no longer leaving it to chance! My own plans and purposes are no longer devouring the seed. I am totally willing to leave behind my defects and distractions and want Christ’s seed to blossom and change me! I will continue to ask myself where my attention and energy is going! I pray that Christ will continue to use me for his purposes!

Lenny Luchetti said...

Thanks for your insights Brad. You are right about the resilience of the Christ seed in us. I pray that this Christ is delivered in peace and power through the womb of your life.

Anonymous said...

When i first asked Jesus into my life and allowed him to work in me it was a very special time as you said here by receiving the seed of Christ into the womb of our lives WoW !! I like that analogy and for Christ to grow in us so we can than be delivered into the world to live the lives we were born from Christ.Praise God for that truth I will continue to look for ways and opportunities to be used of Christ to carry out his will to further his kingdom.

Lenny Luchetti said...

Thanks Maria. Let's keep finding ways for Christ to be delivered through our lives. The qestion I'm wrestling with today is: how can I allow the peace of Christ to come through me?