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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Preaching and Preschool

We had our first round of sermons last week. All ten of us Beeson Pastors preached a sermon in a small chapel on campus and then received from each other both positive and constructively critical feedback. Professor Kent Reynolds, a former Beeson Pastor himself with over 30 years of ministry experience, did a great job as the instructor for the course. The guys effectively "divided the word of truth" and we lovingly challenged each other to do it even better for the glory of God and the advance of Christ's kingdom.
The preaching class, in a healthy way, made us feel like preschoolers again. That is, we're trying to unlearn some preaching habits and learn some new ones. In a sense, we're sort of going back to the "preschool" of our preaching ministries and re-learning, learning and un-learning some things. And this is good...except that I started sucking my thumb and drinking out of a sippy cup again!

That's probably a terrible transition to let you know that Zachary, Lia, Sam and a host of other Beeson Pastor kids have begun their preschool adventure at the Southland Christian Church. Like our Creative Learning Center preschool staff at the Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church, the staff seems dedicated to the Christian nurture of our children. Here are some more pictures of our kids on the first day of preschool, along with some of the other Beeson preschoolers.


Anonymous said...

Is this your clever attempt to get people to read your blog? ;}

Good one ~ Tammie

Zephyr said...

Hey, my brother from another mother! It's great to see your blog and to be able to follow you in your Beeson journey! We love you guys and your kids! I just wish we could see each other more often. You want to meet in Sydney again?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tammie. Great to hear from you and yes this was a clever attempt and getting people to read my blog!

Ben, great to hear from you too. It's been a long time since we've corresponded...would love to meet in Sydney Australia again!


Aaron said...

Thanks for the update. We former Beesons love to see what's happening up there.

Looks like Asbury required this year's students to have beautiful kids.

Unknown said...

What a cute batch of school-kids! I can't believe how fast your little family is growing! I looks like you guys are experiencing some great community there in Wilmore - something we miss VERY much - so enjoy!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Now fess up - it probably didn't take the Beeson program to get you to suck your thumb and try a sippy cup again! HA!

I am enjoying your blog. Nice pics of the kids too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lenny,
Definitely a clever way to get those with kids to read your blog. Thanks for joting down your experiences. I especially enjoyed the one on the monastary. Y'all (and I do mean y'all) are in our prayers!
Scott H

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your insights and prayers, as well as the kind words about my beautiful kids. Please continue to keep in touch.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful family Lenny ! Tom wants to know how your dad is doing?

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna. Thanks for checking out my blog. What a surpise to hear from's probably been 15 years! Say hello to Tom for me.


bryan said...

Keep the posts coming, Lenny. Love the updates. Am glad you are all having a fine experience thus far. Can't tell you how helpful Beeson has been to me this year in the local church... so soak up what you can and enjoy one another.

Although I don't know about a preaching class taught by an instructor who knows all the words to every hit "Kool and the Gang" ever recorded. Better take his grade with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian. Wow...who would have guessed that Kent is a Cool and the Gang fan. What a surprise...a shocking, haunting surprise!