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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Introducing My Family...

Here is my gorgeous wife, Amy, and my daughter Lia. Amy and I have been married for almost 9 years. Every day with her is sweeter than the day before...unless, of course, she has been inside all day with our three kids!!!

These are my beautiful children who teach me more about life, myself and God than any theology book I've ever read. Their names, from left to right, are Zachary (almost 4), Samuel (9 months), and Liana (2.5). They are the funest, most adorable little rascals I've ever met...yeh, I'm biased!


Anonymous said...

The blog looks great! The kiddos are growing so fast and Amy looks great! How do you do it?!

Love, Sara

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'll be checkin' you out every now and again, especially if there are some thought provoking topics of conversation.

C-ya' soon ~
love, T

aunt mare said...

Hi guys, Amy looks great,as usual, the kids look adorable. I'm not real familiar with the blogs,so I hope you get this message. Hope to see you soon. Hey Len, your pretty nice to look at too. I to am a little bias ha! Love always Aunt Mare xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! It's great to e-see all of you's been awhile. It seems God is moving you forward into unknown territory (He's good for that!) and blessing along the way. I can certainly say the same here. Would love to catch up on the phone or email. I think of you often and the love you poured over me. You loved me through a very difficult time in my life and I still love you! Is your email address published?

(The vocalist formerly known as the female D. Macrini)