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Monday, October 13, 2008

Mission Impossible?

In yesterday's service we focused on Jesus' saying "with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible" from Matthew 19:26. I stated as stronly as I could that although God sometimes changes impossible circumstances by healing an illness or providing money out of nowhere to help us make ends meet, the most impossible, and important, thing he always does is change us when we are "with Him." If He can change our hearts than our circumstances don't matter all that much. When we are "with God" that's when "all things become possible." "With men" even the possibilities of life seem impossible at times.

Here is what I want you to share. Click on the "comment" icon below and share with us how God has done something impossible in you. I'm sure you can recount times when God did something impossible for you (changing circumstances) or through you (to impact others), but stick with sharing about the impossible things God has done in you (character transformation).


esallo said...

God is useing the scripture that I pray for a particular family member right now and the struggles I go through with this person to transform me from a self sufficient, impatient, person into a person who knows how helpless and hopeless she is without God. He has made me more patient and I no longer gets angered at the sin of the other person but feel the sorrow and the weight of that sin and it's consequences...that helps me to pray. God is useing this impossible person to teach me how powerful praying His Word is.

maria said...

There was a time in my life where my younger sister and I didn't talk it went on for years . We both were being stubborn. Until one day the Lord reminded me I needed to be the one to approach her and ask her forgiveness and tell her I loved her and wanted to forget what had happened to separate us and to start right than and there new . Well praise God we began talking again and this past April my husband, daughter, and I drove down and spent a week with her getting reacquainted with her and her family What a blessing but I needed to be humbled I couldn't have done it without the Lord's help. It was seeming to be to me at the time an impossibility. But as that great verse says with God all things are possible.

darlene said...

God can do the impossible when we can't do for ourselves. He has opened amazing doors here in MN. I have seen relatives & people that I know whom I haven't seen in 12 years; plus a new generation which I have never seen. Everyday, I encounter chances to witness and to meet people who know of me of whom I have never met before! Sometimes the best testimony we can have is to show that we rely on God 100% for things we only dream of. Unbelievers really watch to see if we can really TRUST when only failure seems possible. God is so powerful!!!

Lenny Luchetti said...

Wow! Thank you for each sharing how God has done the impossible IN you. Your honesty is commendable and I'm encouraged by your stories. Darlene, we miss you already and look forward to keeping in touch.

In Christ,

Brad said...

I recently read that there are two rooms in our heart when it comes to the ones we love.

The one room is the appreciation room, which we usually fill early on in our relationship with our loved ones. For me, I filled that room with my total love for Anita. I store fond memories of our dating period and our entire life together. All of her amazing traits are in that room. Like how she is a loving, kind, faithful, good and generous person.

Unfortunately, the second room is the depreciation room, where over time, we store our anger and resentments. Unforgiveness may also be stored in this room. The most impossible thing for me has been letting go of the things in this room. I am praying that God will allow me to mark in big bold letters on the walls of this room, that everything in it has been “Covered by Love!” On my own it is impossible to stay out of this room, but "with God, all things become possible" and I am becoming much less familiar with this space!

Lenny Luchetti said...

Brad, I love the analogy of two rooms. Every person does have two rooms. The impossible thing that God does is begin to remove the clutter we have stored up in the room that is called "without God." Over time, the "with God" room becomes fuller and fuller!

Thanks for your thoughts,


Roberta said...

God has been working within me to be willing to be hurt for him. I used to hate the phrase in scripture that states, "the fellowship of his sufferings" because I didn't want to suffer. I have been asking him to make me willing to be hurt by others. The passage in Matthew of turning the other cheek and Romans 8, "...we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory" is what I believe he is calling me to do. Gradually, it is becoming less difficult.

maria said...

Hey Roberta, I just wanted to say that I do believe in this world we do suffer for Christ yet I don't believe God wants us to be hurt by others. Many times he says we should love on another as he loves us. Yes people come into our lives that do hurt us and will be in our lives just as trials and temptations will come into our lives. Being Christians doesn't mean we are not going to experience hardships and disappointments in life. What I believe is God's grace is greater than all of our sins and because of this I want to cultivate a more contented heart and with God's help I know I can as it says in Matt 19:26

ko said...

De Colores
love your blog

Jay and Roe Simonini said...

A few weeks ago, my husband, Jay, went to the VA for an apt with a Neurologist. He told the doctor he suffers from headaches. The doctor ordered some tests and found a very large aneurysm. I called my doctor in NY who referred us to the top Neurologist, that was a Tuesday. We saw him on Friday and by the following Tuesday, Jay, was under going surgery. Now 2 weeks later, Jay has received a clean bill of health and doesn't need to be seen for a year. This whole excursion was a definate God new saying is GOD BRINGS US TO IT, HE'LL BRING US THROUGH IT....He did, as always.